LUCI® Intelligent live broadcasting

Innovative cross-media

LUCI Software transforms your iPhone or smartphone into a mobile IP-codec, software IP-codec for PC or MAC, or high quality mpeg recorder.

Reporters only need one device to go live, record audio, edit, add pictures or videos and sent to the studio – wirelessly!

And it’s quick and easy to use. Whether you’re a radio or web journalist, LUCI is the perfect way to ensure you’re first with the news, no matter where you are.

Continuous development
in close co-operation

LUCI Software was officially launched during IBC 2004. Since then numerous new features, versions and applications were added and will be added henceforth.

The strength of LUCI is that all our products are constantly further developed, tested and improved in close co-operation with world class professional journalists, technicians and producers from major national broadcast stations all over the world.

LUCI can be customized, works multi platform and is compatible to various hardware like codecs, newsroom systems, broadcast media tools, studio software and soundcards.

Live audio
broadcasting over IP

Choose LUCI Software as your broadcast equipment running on your iPhone, smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. LUCI is available as a LUCI Live client app for contributors and in a LUCI Studio client and server app for the receiving side.

LUCI delivers excellent broadcast quality, with free lifetime software updates ensuring that the latest IP technology and standards are always met. All LUCI Software is also available pre-installed on a USB drive, which works with any computer without the need to install and register the software again.

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