Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions for both hardware and software, compatible with third party products and

our own ULCC Codec for multichannel compressed audio recording.

Enterprise Customized software solutions

We have vast experience and technical knowledge in customized apps. And we go the extra mile to offer you a custom-made solution compatible to your existing hardware or software configurations.

Just the way you like it

Produce and deliver perfect live audio (with or without video as a reference monitor). Whatever your platform, make any LUCI app your own. The LUCI Technology serves as the foundation, customized with your additional required features, language and design. You will be assured of the latest updates and have your apps up -to -date with the latest IP -technology and standards.

Full blown apps

Releases of full-blown apps include the customized apps for the German ARD and all its affiliated broadcast stations, Swedish Radio, SRG SSR, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, the NPO the Dutch Broadcast Foundation and the VRT, the national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Region and Community of Belgium. And many other corporate broadcast media organisations.

Tell us what you like

If you decide to get a professional, customized LUCI app for all platforms so that you can equip large numbers of users, you’ll need to have your objectives, purpose and scope clear. We can help you to define your functions, integration and use with your existing SIP and IP audio codec infrastructure and the deployment and management of your customized app.

Enterprise program

This is the perfect solution to manage your purchased, customized or subscription licenses yourself. Enable cross platform broadcasting for one set price and avoid loss of licenses in case devices get corrupted or lost.

Buy or subscribe to flexible multiple platform licenses and get an account in the LUCI License Manager to manage all. Have an immediate overview of which license is installed to what device, when it has been activated and by whom, or which license still remains to be used or moved to another device or user.