Reporter Software

LUCI LIVE point to point live audio over IP broadcasting software.

The must have app to stream live audio over IP by using professional industry standard codecs, like AAC-HE to ensure the best studio quality audio. Includes the built-in option of recording both audio and video while broadcasting live. This enables editing and / or ftp uploading of separate audio and video recordings later. It can even insert and play your edited pre-recorded audio reports during any live broadcast!


all platforms
from € 9,50

Reporter Software

iPhone with LUCI LIVE SE point to point live audio over IP broadcasting software.

The app for any contributor, presenter or reporter who just wants the simplicity of pushing one button to stream live audio over IP with a choice of different industry standard professional quality codecs and protocols. The ideal solution for flexible and excellent live broadcasting.


all platforms
from € 4,90

Reporter Software

LUCI LIVE LITE point to point live audio over IP broadcasting software.

A lighter, limited and budget app for live audio streaming over IP. Use our ULCC codec to connect to your station’s LUCI STUDIO and be impressed by the professional audio quality. Build in the slightly lower quality G722 for other connections, which is still many times better than a telephone call.


all platforms
from € 1,90

Reporter Software

iPhone screenshot of LUCI subscribe live point to point audio over IP broadcast subscriptions.

Our perpetual licenses are also available on a subscription basis. This provides the flexibility and immediacy to deliver news whenever it is needed at low costs. It ensures you are continuously running the most updated version of all reporter software available.


all platforms
from € 1,90 p.month

Studio Software

The ultimate studio set up for desktop or MacBook to transform these devices into a professional live internet broadcasting receiver or source. Receive and send separate or multiple live streams to and from any type of LUCI app. Provided with a multi-channel sound card, you can get up to 64 streams simultaneously. Use the software stand-alone or combine with more remote LUCI STUDIOs, other network devices or third party professional hardware codecs.


Windows, Mac and Linux
from € 29,90

Remote Control Software

Control all your LUCI STUDIO instances at multiple locations remotely with this dedicated software application, available for Windows & macOS. This point-to-point Remote Control software gives the user safe and simple controls using an intuitive tiled representation. Control the instances running on different locations throughout the studio premises or even work from home. With LUCI STUDIO RC, life becomes a lot easier.


Windows & Mac
€ 149,00

Content Creator Software

iPhone screenshot of LUCI Rooms our cloud based live audio over IP broadcasting software.

The best tool for one to one or group communication in excellent audio quality by only using one app. Rent a LUCI Room and host up to 5 guests from all over the world in your live stream. It is just a simple push on one button. Add a logo and make your room your own. In order to reuse, edit or upload your content later you can also record everything what is said. Connect a microphone and headphone to every device to secure the audio quality.


all platforms
€ 2,99 a day

LUCI USB dongle

LUCI USB stick for LUCI LIVE or LUCI Studio software to use as a dongle.

Install LUCI LIVE or LUCI STUDIO on this dedicated LUCI USB dongle and use it on any computer without installing and registering the software again.

LUCI USB dongle

USB dongle
€ 40,00

MIKI Audio-Interface cable

MIKI lets you connect your microphone, headphone and mobile device as one single unit with just one cable. The world’s major broadcasters give their reporters MIKI, so they can produce the very best sound quality for interviews or streaming from events. Works seamlessly with all major DAW and LUCI software products.

MIKI-D-C-square (1) crop

MIKI Cables

from € 69,00

uMi Audio-Interface cable

High quality location broadcast and recording has just become a lot more convenient with the uMi USB microphone interface. Produced with the mobile reporter in mind, the compact uMi is robust, flexible and delivers outstanding audio quality. uMi is designed for iOS, Android, macOS & Windows.

umi cable

uMi Digital

€ 199,00

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Showing all 4 results