LUCI STUDIO live audio over IP streaming software iconThe ultimate studio set up for desktop or MacBook to transform these devices into a professional live internet broadcasting receiver or source. Receive and send separate or multiple live streams to and from any type of LUCI app. Provided with a multi-channel sound card, you can get up to 64 streams simultaneously. Use the software stand-alone or combine with more remote LUCI STUDIOs, other network devices or third party professional hardware codecs.

NEW in LUCI Studio 6

  • Stream cloning for SIP
  • Logfile analyzer
  • SRT transmit and receive
  • SIP direct dial
  • NDI® Audio as audio in/outputs instead of the audio drivers of the OS.
    Great for virtual servers !


  • Point-to-point studio audio quality software
  • Professional live internet broadcast receiver for remote LUCI reporter streams
  • Comes by default with one stereo stream
  • Works on: Windows – Mac – Linux
  • Use RTP Connection Wizard for setting up
  • Receive RTP low-delay streaming, two-way –
    includes sending a return channel
  • Transmit RTP low-delay streams from the field –
    includes receiving a return channel
  • Support for stream-cloning- receive simultaneous streams from one source and send return streams back to each incoming stream
  • Support for multicast streaming connections, transmit or receive
  • Full SIP support, including stream cloning.
  • Shoutcast / Icecast source
  • Receive live audio messages with the Answering Machine
  • Insert (pre-)recorded audio files live with the Sound File Player 
  • Upload files via the FTP integration
  • Easy multichannel configuration
  • Audio codecs: MP2, AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-LD, AAC-LC AAC-ELD, AAC-HEV2, Opus, G711, G722, 24 bit ULCC, Linear
  • Sample-rate from 44.1 to 384 kHz
  • NDI Audio for Audio input & output.


Supported Devices

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64-bit only)
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012 and higher (64-bit only)
  • macOS 10.12 (or higher) Intel / ARM
  • Linux (64-bit only)

The new LUCI Studio Manager

The ‘LUCI Studio Manager’ is a liaison program and installed automatically with the latest LUCI Studio, it handles different remote control protocols and passes on the right information to the different LUCI Studio instances.

  • Start LUCI Studio instances automatically
  • Act as a Watchdog timer
  • Easily setup Remote Control for
        Ember+, OSC and SNMP protocols

  • How to connect LUCI software to LUCI STUDIO

    In most cases LUCI STUDIO is running on the internal network and reporters in the field will be using any type of LUCI Reporter app on their phone, tablet, PC or Mac. They will need the studio’s static IP-address to stream to via the public internet. Therefore, port forwarding is needed to keep unwanted traffic off networks and only allow access from the LUCI reporter apps.

    RTP Connection Wizard LUCI STUDIO 5

    Set up a new station when using the RTP protocol in the latest LUCI STUDIO version with our newest RTP Connection Wizard. The Wizard helps you setting up step by step your new station that uses the RTP Audio protocol for your Audio over IP connections. As easy as sliced bread.

    Connection Event Graphics in LUCI STUDIO 5

    To be able to determine the cause and frequency of particular connection faults like dropped packets, or jitter buffer overruns, we have added a history event graph called Connection Event Graph ( CEG ) . Every connection parameter in the Info screen can now display a graph over time. It also lets you Log these values to a comma separated file (.csv) with timestamp for later analysis.

    Stream using multiple internet connections with Stream Cloning

    Simply switch the protocol in the station setting to SC-RTP and the rest will be taken care of for you automatically.

    How does it work?
    For example, if you do a live report from a sports location and you have an active Mobile 4G and WiFi connection on your iPhone, LUCI sends 2 streams, one via 4G and the other via WiFi. If one stream goes down, the other will continue to work and the studio will not notice any interruption.

    ULCC our own Ultra Low Complexity Codec

    Technica Del Arte's own audio codec ULCC logo

    Our ULCC (Ultra Low Complexity Coding) audio codec, has the advantage of LOWER POWER USAGE with recording and playback compared to uncompressed audio, HIGHER QUALITY than any other audio codec and PERFECT for Multichannel Compressed Audio recording!

    Create your own phone book

    Create a phone book in order to provide your connection details to your reporters. And if you have more stations (i.e. streams) to connect to, it makes it even easier if a proper phone book is available that is simple to correct by you and an easy download and insert for them. Check out the example and a reference CSV formatted phone book on our support page.

    Extra Streams plugin, setup LUCI STUDIO as a multi-channel server

    It is possible to start LUCI STUDIO several times simultaneously on the same PC with different settings. Then there are multiple so-called ‘instances’ of LUCI STUDIO needed. You can receive up to 64 streams. It is also possible to have each instance stream up to eight sample-accurate audio channels. Make sure you have a multi-channel audio plugin when used this way.

    EMBER+ plugin for LUCI STUDIO

    LUCI Studio live audio over IP streaming software with Ember+ plugin icon
    Ember+ is a lightweight remote- control protocol developed by Lawo and L-S-B Broadcast Technologies. It was published as an open standard, and various companies have implemented Ember+ in their products since. So have we. The Ember+ remote control integration will only work with a the liaison program ‘LUCI Studio Manager’ for LUCI STUDIO instances that have the Ember+ plugin activated. This way you can monitor all LUCI instances remotely and connect, accept or disconnect incoming streams.

    Surround & Multi-Channel plugin for LUCI STUDIO

    LUCI STUDIO can simultaneously stream up to eight sample-accurate audio channels per instance, bidirectional. Supported codecs are Linear 24 bit and 24 bit ULCC. This can be used to distribute multichannel live recordings from point to point in high quality. To setup LUCI STUDIO with a Multichannel stream you need to add and activate the Surround & Multichannel Plugin.

    Video plugin for LUCI STUDIO

    LUCI STUDIO can be set as a video server, enabling it to receive video from LUCI LIVE showing it in a separate video preview screen and / or to a selected SDI video output. The currently supported format is H264 with bitrates up to 4Mbps. The video can be recorded separately in an mp4 file and combined with the separately recorded audio file with standard video editing software or with our FTP function. Please Note: For receiving video your CPU needs to have an inbuilt HD Intel® Graphics GPU. To setup LUCI STUDIO as a video server you need to add and activate the Video Plugin to your license.

    LUCI STUDIO Remote Control software

    Control all your LUCI STUDIO instances on multiple devices remotely with this dedicated software application, available for Mac and PC. This point-to-point Remote Control software gives the user safe and simple controls having an intuitive tiled representation while using low processor usage and data transmission. Control the instances running on different devices throughout the studio premises or even work from home. With LUCI STUDIO RC, life becomes a lot easier.