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Establish Connection

After activating the MIC button. The incoming stream indicator turns Green.


Set Up Stationlist

Add new stations from a phonebook or add a custom station


Setup up your app

Add and or edit your stations and change or adjust your general settings


RTP and SIP Protocols are Supported

Send and receive a symmetric RTP stream with integrated signaling


Audio Format / Codec

The 2 supported formats for the outgoing stream to the studio are: G.722 or ULCC.


Select audio i/o

Connect and select your audio device or use the default microphone

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LUCI LIVE LITE live audio over a IP streaming software iconA lighter, limited and budget feature set license for live audio streaming over IP. Use our ULCC codec and connect to your station’s LUCI STUDIO and be impressed by the professional audio quality and limited processor usage. Build in the slightly lower quality G722 for other connections, which is still many times better than a telephone call.

The choice is yours

Whether you like the mobile, tablet, PC or Mac BASIC subsricption or the perpetual LUCI LIVE LITE license, have a stable 4G network, WiFi or fixed line internet connection to stream live to your station(s), make sure they have either LUCI STUDIO properly installed or a third party hardware codec like Comrex or Telos to receive your live incoming stream. Check out all features below. Still not sure this is the right solution for you? Get in touch!

Enjoy low processor usage with Technica Del Arte’s own ULCC audio codec.


  • Point-to-point application, so no host or third party networking in between
  • Remote professional broadcast connection
  • Works on iOS – Android – Windows – Mac – Linux
  • RTP or SIP, two-way, so includes return channel
  • Mono by default included
  • Audio codecs: studio quality audio ULCC and lesser quality G722
  • SIP compatible


  • Buy or subscribe to a license
  • Upgrading to LUCI LIVE SE or LUCI LIVE possible
  • Get a MIKI cable to connect your headphones and microphone to your device to obtain better audio quality
  • Constantly updated to the latest IP-technology and standards
  • Free help desk via dedicated support centre

Supported devices

  • All iOS 16 devices (or higher)
  • All Android 6 devices (or higher)
  • All macOS 10.12 devices (minimum)
  • All Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 devices (64-bit only)
  • Linux (64-bit only)

How to connect LUCI LIVE LITE to LUCI Studio or a hardware codec

Connecting LUCI LIVE LITE with LUCI STUDIO or a hardware codec is best be done with the RTP protocol. The studio you want to connect with has its own destination IP-address and Port. When you add a new station in your LUCI LIVE app, you have to fill in these details from your studio, e.g. (IP-address) and (port) 5010.

LUCI LIVE 6 – available as subscription

LUCI LIVE 6 Subscription replaces the old LUCI SUBSCRIBE app. Subscribe to a LUCI LIVE feature set and pay monthly with the benefit of being able to sign-out and sign-in to the app to easily switch LUCI LIVE from one device to another.

ULCC our own Ultra Low Complexity Codec.

Our ULCC (Ultra Low Complexity Coding) audio codec, has the advantage of LOWER POWER USAGE with recording and playback compared to uncompressed audio, HIGHER QUALITY than any other audio codec and PERFECT for Multichannel Compressed Audio recording!

Create your own phone book

A very useful tool is the LUCI Live address book. An unlimited number of broadcasters / studios / destinations can be entered as contacts with IP addresses in an CSV file (and imported into the LUCI app), so you have a large selection of broadcasters / studios to choose from for streaming. Ideal for freelancers or reporters who work with several different studios.