LUCI Software

Brilliant live Audio over IP broadcasting software solutions and codecs for all type of platforms and remote contributions, from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

There is a vast choice of LUCI apps running on mobile devices, desktops or laptops with internet access, and it’s even compatible with third party hardware codecs. The choice is yours.

For the reporter to stream live audio to the studio via a mobile, tablet, PC or MacBook we offer perpetual and subscription types of licenses with a wide choice of extra features.

For receiving live streams we provide LUCI Studio for Windows or Mac. Provided with a multichannel sound card, you can even receive up to 64 streams simultaneously.

Which software suits me best?

Direct connections from point A to point B with:

Group meetings with:

As a reporter, presenter, news anchor or correspondent
I like:

Feature Packages

To bring live audio over IP by
streaming to LUCI Studio
streaming to third party hardware
working on mobile, tablets or computer
iOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Linux
accessing LUCI via a USB dongle
redundancy for a reliable connection
connecting a stereo audio channel
high bitrates/extensive codecs
sending a video stream
inserting or uploading audio
file saving, editing and management
Lifetime license
pay only once
or or or
Subscription license
recurring payments p/month

As a broadcast organization
I like:


LUCI STUDIO 750×590 matrix
LUCI GLOBAL 750×590 matrix
LUCI STUDIO RC 750×590 matrix
LUCI ENTERPRISE 750×590 matrix
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As a podcaster
I like:

To engage up to five guests    
live in my virtual studio    
with just one simple app for all    
working on mobile, tablets or computer    
iOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Linux    
at a predetermined time and date    
and have it all recorded locally as well    
Our advice: get a virtual meeting room
per day