LUCI Rooms live audio over IP streaming software iconA multiplatform live audio conferencing app for one to one or group communication in excellent quality by only using one shared easy to use app in the cloud. Rent your own private LUCI Room and host up to 5 participants remotely in your live conversation. It is just a simple push on a button. And by adding a logo you make your room your own. You can even record to reuse, edit or upload your content later.

The choice is yours

Whether you and your participants talk live from a mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. Make sure you all have a stable 4G network, WiFi or fixed line internet connection to talk with each other. Everyone is using the LUCI Rooms app and therefore no technical skills are required. Check out all features below. Still not sure this is the right solution for you? Get in touch!

Enjoy low processor usage with Technica Del Arte’s own ULCC audio codec.


  • Cloud based connections on a dedicated LUCI Server
  • Provides high quality mono or stereo audio streams
  • Every room can host up to 5 participants at once
  • Works on: iOS – Android – Windows – Mac – Linux
  • Free download and install for all platforms
  • Easily connect connect your guest with the ROOM Key
  • Insert (pre-)recorded audio files live with the ROOM Player
  • ROOM Mixing Console with connection information and controls
  • Receive live audio messages with the ROOM Answering Machine
  • Guest information template to send to your guests
  • Enables local recording and sharing audio files
  • All recorded in uncompressed WAV format so all files are of the highest audio quality and easy to process, edit and convert to mp3 later


  • Customize your room with your name and logo
  • Buy and use MIKI cables to connect headphone and mic to your device to ensure better audio quality
  • Constantly updated to the latest IP-technology and standards
  • Free help desk via dedicated support centre

Supported devices

  • All iOS 12 devices (or higher)
  • All Android 6 devices (or higher)
  • macOS 10.12 devices (minimum)
  • All Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 devices (64 bit-only)
  • Any modern Linux distribution (64-bit)

How to connect your invites with LUCI ROOMS

Rent a Room and invite up to four participants by sharing your Room Key (link) via email or Whats-App. Every participant, including the host, has to download and install the free LUCI Rooms app on the device they like to use. LUCI Rooms is available for mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. Make sure your invitees are able to work with the best audio setup so they can talk to you in superb audio quality.

Insert (pre-)recorded audio files live with the ROOM Player

The LUCI Room Player lets you insert pre-recorded files live into your Room. These can be files recorded with LUCI ROOMS or other audio files. The files must be WAV format. The Room Player can also be used as a jingle box using simple short-keys.

NOTE: The LUCI Room Player is available for Windows and Mac.

ROOM Mixing Console information and adjust audio levels live

The LUCI ROOMS Mixing Console is a virtual mixer that controls the audio mix in the Room, displays an active guest list and displays important connection and stream information. Only the HOST has access to the Mixing Console and can control the individual audio levels, mute, solo or disconnect users from the Room.

ROOM Answering Machine, live messages with high quality audio

Receive message contributions and quotes, from anywhere in the world with high quality audio, recorded directly on your device with the LUCI Room Answering Machine. An old school technique with a high tech backbone.

Guest information template, to send to your guests before the interview

We’ve made an invite template with useful information to send to your guest prior to your LUCI Rooms session.