ULCC our own Ultra Low Complexity Codec.

In all our reporter and studio software you can choose our own ‘home made’ ULCC (Ultra Low Complexity Coding) audio codec. This codec has the advantage of LOWER POWER USAGE with recording and playback compared to uncompressed audio, HIGHER QUALITY than any other audio codec and PERFECT for Multichannel Compressed Audio recording! So even if you use the LUCI LIVE Lite software you can have excellent compression when streaming to LUCI STUDIO !

ULTRA high quality

ULCC’s bitrate is dependent on the required audio quality. Typical high-quality bitrates for ULCC at a 48 kHz sample rate are:

16-bit accuracy: 240 kbps per channel, compared to 768 kbps uncompressed.

24-bit accuracy: 262 kbps per channel, compared to 1152 kbps uncompressed.

LOW time-based

ULCC is a purely time-based compression algorithm

Transparent audio quality at bitrates mentioned above.

Scalable audio quality, from medium to high-end.

Excellent transient response.

Wide dynamic range.

Coding artefacts are only audible in very special circumstances and, when audible, are similar to those found in older analogue audio equipment.

COMPLEXITY special characteristics

What makes ULCC different

Extremely low coding delay, typically 32 samples.

When using higher sample rates like 96 kHz, the quality of the compression algorithm improves exponentially.

Higher bit-depths only increase the bitrate marginally.

With wireless systems, the power requirements for transmission of ULCC increase compared with those for lower bitrate solutions like mp1 and AAC types. However, the power requirements for encoding and decoding are down to almost nil, with audio quality remaining the same, or better in most cases.


ULCC works with all of the mayor applications

Portable audio players – using ULCC dramatically improves battery life.

Wireless audio transmission – using ULCC dramatically improves battery life.

Networked audio- reduced bitrates improve stability, compared with the use of uncompressed audio.

Multi-channel audio recording- more channels can be recorded using the same storage write speeds.