LUCI Live Demo

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Try before you buy!

We recommend you check out LUCI on your device and your platform by downloading the software and running it in ‘fully’ functional demo mode. It will mute the audio I/O for one second every 20 seconds. This is the only difference from a purchased full version. This restriction will allow you to evaluate if the software meets your needs.

Full functional 30-days trials

If you’d like to try out the uninterrupted full version of LUCI Live or LUCI Live SE you can also request a fully functional 30-day trial for iOS, Android, Windows or Linux without the muting. LUCI Studio for Windows, Mac and Linux is also available as a fully functional 30-day trial.
Ask for an uninterrupted 30-day trial here and let us know for what purpose and in what configuration you’d like to try out our software.

Kindly note: you can only receive one complimentary 30-day free trial. After this you can purchase 30-day activation codes from our webpages here.

macOS demo

For all Mac computers, desktop or laptop
Requirements: macOS Lion (10.12) or higher.

Linux demo

Runs on many of the popular Linux distributions.
Requirements: 64-bit

Windows demo

Runs on Windows 7 or higher
Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, min. 64-bit

Android demo

Runs on phones or tablets, but not all
Requirements: Android 4.1 or newer