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Our perpetual licenses LUCI LIVE LITE, LUCI LIVE SE and LUCI LIVE are also available on a subscription basis. This provides the flexibility and immediacy to deliver news whenever it is needed at low costs. It ensures you are continuously running the most updated version of all reporter software available.

What do I need?


€ 1,90 p/month

€ 4,90 p/month

€ 9,50 p/month
to bring live breaking news over IP by
streaming to LUCI Studio
working on mobile, tablets, PC or Mac
building in redundancy for a reliable connection
connecting a stereo audio channel
streaming at high bitrates and extensive codecs
sending a video reference stream
inserting or uploading recorded files
file saving, editing and management controls.
the similar features as LUCI: LIVE LITE LIVE SE LIVE

After a validated payment you will receive an email with an activation code and download & install guidelines of the LUCI software.


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