LUCI Subscribe

Iphone with LUCI Subscribe live point to point audio over IP broadcasting software subscriptions.

LUCI LIVE live audio over a IP streaming software iconLUCI LIVE LITE, LUCI LIVE SE and LUCI LIVE, our perpetual licenses are also available on a subscription basis. This provides the flexibility and immediacy to deliver news whenever it is needed at low costs. A monthly subscription with no strings attached, from only € 2,90 per month.

The choice is yours

Whether you like the mobile, tablet, PC or Mac platform, have a stable 4G network, WiFi or fixed line internet connection to stream live to your station(s), make sure they have either LUCI STUDIO properly installed or a third party hardware codec like Comrex or Telos to receive your live incoming stream. Check out all versions below. Still not sure this is the right solution for you? Get in touch!

Enjoy low processor usage with Technica Del Arte’s own ULCC audio codec.

What do I need?

the similar features as LUCI: LIVE LITE LIVE SE LIVE
to bring live breaking news over IP by
streaming to LUCI Studio
working on mobile, tablets, PC or Mac
building in redundancy for a reliable connection
connecting a stereo audio channel
streaming at high bitrates and extensive codecs
sending a video reference stream
inserting or uploading recorded files
file saving, editing and management controls

Easily sign-out and transfer your license to another device

As this is a monthly subscription product, you can sign in at any device with your license code. As you can use this license only on 1 device at a time, you have to sign-out, before using it on another device. Signing- out and in can be done on the “About” page.

How to connect LUCI SUBSCRIBE to LUCI Studio or a hardware codec

Connecting LUCI SUBSCRIBE with LUCI STUDIO or a hardware codec is best be done with the RTP protocol. The studio you want to connect with has its own destination IP-address and Port. When you add a new station in your LUCI LIVE app, you have to fill in these details from your studio, e.g. (IP-address) and (port) 5010.