Heritage and Achievements

2023   release of LUCI LIVE 6 with Live Pages

2023   release of LUCI STUDIO 6 with Advanced Networking Features

2023   release of LUCI ROOMS new Live Radio Streaming capabilities

2022   LUCI LIVE added 4-Channel streaming for iOS

2022   LUCI LIVE / SE / LITE merged on all platforms

2022   LUCI STUDIO & LUCI LIVE now support NDI®

2022   LUCI STUDIO added remote control with OSC (Open Sound Control)

2021   release of the LUCI ROOMS audio conferencing software

2021   release of the LUCI STUDIO Remote Control software

2021   Wizard in LUCI STUDIO release 5.8.3

2020   LUCI GLOBAL added logos to listing

2019   LUCI STUDIO now also available for macOS and Linux

2019   release of LUCI SUBSCRIBE

2018   release of MIKI-D USB microphone cable with integrated DSP

2017   release of LUCI Live4all and LUCI GLOBAL security check

2017   release of LUCI LIVE SE, Live streaming essentials only, for all platforms (app)

2016   release uMi, usb microphone interface with DSP (hardware) combined with LUCI Software

2016   release Swedish Radio – LUCI LIVE SR for iOS (apps)

2016   release LUCI Enterprise Licensing Program (subscription)

2016   release LUCI STUDIO Ember Plus

2016   release LUCI Live4All extra streams

2016   release LUCI GLOBAL worldwide community app for Android and Windows (app)

2016   release MIKI-Metal cable, ruggedised microphone cable with integrated, metal-cased pre-amplifier

2015   release ARD muPRO for Android, iOS, Windows and MAC (apps)

2014   release LUCI LIVE Video for iOS (inapp)

2013   release LUCI LIVE Lite for Linux, Windows and Blackberry platforms (apps)

2012   release LUCI LIVE 4All customized community radio for broadcast stations for Android and iOS (apps)

2012   release LUCI LIVE Lite for iOS in iTunes appstore and LUCI LIVE Lite for MAC (apps)

2011   release LUCI LIVE for Android, Linux and Blackberry (apps)

2011   release ULCC (codec)

2010   release LUCI LIVE for Windows and LUCI LIVE for iOS in iTunes appstore (app)

2010   release LUCI LIVE and LUCI STUDIO on USB drive pre installed (software)

2009   release support N/ACIP LUCI STUDIO (software)

2008   release LUCI AV Audio & Video, record, edit and upload (software)

2006   release LUCI STUDIO Live 2-way streaming for Windows (software)

2005   release LUCI EDIT, audio record, edit and upload (software)

2005   release MIKI Cable (hardware)

2004   release LUCI BASIC, audio record and upload (software)

2004   Launch of Theater LUPA (hardware and software)

2003   Launch of Telcom decoder (software)

2002   Launch Flexeq (plugin)

1998   launch Delaymatrix (software)

1994   Launch LUPA Penremote (software)

1994   Launch LUPA and recognition of AES society

1988   Present: Contracts and commissions for international clients in the audio industry

1986   Development of our own ULCC audio codec